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List of NARUTOs (233 types)

+Unwilling *
+Yoidewanaika by
+Turned over
+Frisking *
+Hatched from
+Shooting up
+Burning out
+Broken heart
+Following #
+Sheep of
+Swelling *
+Monkey of
+Yo-yo of
+Rippling *
+Photo with
+Signal with
+Mark of
+Snowing #
+Sushi of
+Typhoon of
+Mizuhiki of
+Olympic of
+Lottery of
+Puti-puti of
+Stereogram of
+Spotlight of
+Fitting in
+Difference of
+Latte-art of
+Waterfall of
+Mouse of
+Othello of
+Snake of
+Currency in
+Dumpling of
+Dim-sum of
+Jellyfish of
+Question of
+Pasta of
+Snail of
+Brand of
+Sandglass of
+Wreath of
+Kitty of
+Helicopter of
+Puzzle-ring of
+Marker of
+Candle of
+Sanada of
+Beer of
+Window in
+Magic of
+Balancing on
+Burger of
+Side-steps of
+Display for
+Baseball of
+Elephant of
+Lightning from
+Rubbing of
+Glasses of
+Fan of
+Curry and
+Coin of
+Boar of
+Kabuki of
+Reiwa in
+Squid of
+Formation of
+Pumpkin of New!

# is JAVA Script.
* is JAVA Applet.


What is NARUTO ?

NARUTO (Narutomaki) is a Japanese traditional and popular food. The name NARUTO is derived from a special whirlpool in the sea, which is called naruto-no-uzushio in Japan.
However, the origin of the food NARUTO is not clear. So, NARUTO has a unlimited possibility, and we could be able to spread it.


Please send me your impressions and inspirations about NARUTO through Voice to NARUTO.
You could link to this website freely. However, any images and contents on this website (except those that stated permission to use) are NOT allowed to be used on other websites without my permission. At least, I hope you e-mail me in English before you use them.

NARUTO Accessories

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NARUTO Small TheaterNARUTO Small Theater

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