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[ What's punidas ? ]

The punidas is an abbreviation for Project of U-chaNs In Desktop AccessorieS. U-chans is composed of U-chan, Mu-chan, and Fu-chan, and they are created by Ms. Mominoha.
The punidas provides many U-chans' accessories such as icons, cursors, and so on. You can download and use them on your desktop freely.

[ Extract Files ]

Almost all accessory files in the punidas are compressed with LHA format (not ZIP format). These files have to be extracted by using a software that can treat LHA format files.

[ Web App Mode ]

Websites in PuniSame and a website of DICE can also act in web app mode. You would access to the websites with your smartphone, and do the Add to Home Screen feature to create a shortcut on your home screen. The website starts in web app mode from the shortcut. You can exit the web app by home button.

[ Note ]

Accessories in the punidas are provided with no guarantee.
Document files in compressed accessory files are written in Japanese.
You can link to the punidas and use banners freely. However, any images and contents on the website (except those that stated permission to use) are NOT allowed to be used on other websites without my permission. At least, I hope you e-mail to webayosenabe.com in English before you use them.

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